About Raw Marketing

The Raw Marketing story began in 2008.

When a small group of friends working for a local stress-press magazine ventured out own their own to launch a web design business in Launceston, Tasmania.

Our various offices in Launceston from 2008-2015.
Quadrant Mall, George Street and Wellington Street.

We launched our series RawTV in 2014 and regularly advertised in Newspapers as not everyone was on the internet back then.

The internet was a much younger place back then.

Our early projects involved building primitive websites (often in Flash!) and our ventures into social media included designing Custom MySpace Pages!

We soon expanded into building software.

As with many businesses, ideas for expansion begin with customer requests.  By 2012, we were developing custom web applications for various clients across Tasmania and Australia.

We’ve built many memorable applications for small business customers over the years – always with the simple aim of making life easier for business owners.

The 2010’s were a great time for SAAS businesses as many great ideas popped up on a regular basis.

Back before Instagram Reels and TikToks, there was a time when plain old Facebook Organic Reach worked!

We launched our all-in-one marketing service in 2015.

From 2012 until 2019, after many requests, we offered an all-in-one digital marketing service to our clients.

Whilst we thrive in Website Design, Email Marketing and Software circles, we found Social Media and PPC a little volatile and difficult to manage at small business scale.

We didn’t want to be “OK” at a lot of things, so we cut the fat and re-focused on what we’re good at.

Today we focus on the services we loved all along.

Whilst the last 15 years have seen continual significant changes in the digital landscape – many things have remained the same.

Our passion has always been for website design and software.

Our focus has always been our customers.

Despite many trends coming and going – having a quality website has remained a constant necessity for growing your business online.

Some companies we've
worked with include:

Hear what some of our
long-term clients have to say:

“Thank you Raw Marketing for all of your hard work and for helping us take our business to the next level!”
Matthew Tiplady, ATV Lifeguards
“They took the time to understand our business and our vision, and delivered a website that perfectly reflects our brand and effectively showcases our products and services.”
Jason Zadow, Tiny Homes Tasmania
“I highly recommend Raw Marketing for all of your website design needs. Their team is professional, responsive, and truly dedicated to creating a website that exceeds your expectations.”
Patrick Graham, Patrick Graham Landscaping