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Raw Marketing are able to create advanced Email Sequences, Autoresponders and One-Off Campaigns.

Email Marketing is perhaps the most essential medium for any digital marketing strategy. Firstly, Email Marketing provides an opportunity to reach customers who have already engaged with your business and in a personalised way. Customers on your email list are the ones who already know you, like you and trust you – marketing to them is a no-brainer.

The benefits of email marketing can be seen long beyond the instantly gratifying conversions that they generate. By keeping your customers informed on your business activities, word-of-mouth referrals, ongoing loyalty and confidence all increase.

Using our preferred Email Marketing Software, MailChimp, we are able to access a huge amount of campaign data to improve performance after every campaign.


Tasmanian Email Marketing Automation Sequences
Email Automation Sequences

Email Automation Sequences are a great “set-and-forget” email marketing method whereby we are able to simply construct 3-5 emails that can be automatically sent to new customers or leads into your business with the goal of educating and getting them up to speed on how you operate.

Generally, the aim of an Email Automation Sequence is to achieve three things that your customer needs in order to do business with you: know you, like you and trust you. So we can use these staggered emails to tell your customers a little bit more about your business, the services you offer, who they’ll be dealing with and a few examples of previous projects or happy customers that you’ve worked with.

Transaction Campaigns

Quite often, a great way to ensure you remain relevant to your client audience is be prompt and proactive with sending professional emails to confirm details and encourage processes with your clients. This can help keep the conversation and follow up going, which is an important part of maintaining engaged clients.

A few examples of simple emails that can be sent to your clients include:

Tasmanian Email Marketing Transactional Emails
Tasmanian Email Marketing Promotional Emails
Special Promotions

The highest converting email campaigns are special promotional emails.

Regular Ol’ Email Newsletters

The Regular Ol’ Email Newsletter seems like an incredibly boring option in an otherwise vast ocean of Email Marketing campaign ideas, however, it does still have merit. Many companies simply email out regular ‘industry news’ type campaigns as a way of reminding their clients that they do still exist and are still the experts in their chosen field.

While this may not convert as highly as other more engaging campaigns, by offering industry news and valuable insights to your clients, it does highlight your passion for both your industry as well as genuinely wanting to help people. A regular ol’ email newsletter may simply link to a blog post on your companies website or to a promotion you have on a Landing Page.

Tasmanian Email Marketing Regular Emails